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Know Indiana’s fireworks laws as Fourth of July approaches

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (June 29, 2015)- The Fourth of July is Saturday, but Hoosiers can begin setting off fireworks Monday. Indiana law says exactly when and where people can use fireworks in the state. Some cities and towns also have city ordinances that address fireworks usage. Statewide, people can use fireworks through Thursday, July 9. There are three places cleared for fireworks usage in Indiana: The user’s property. On the property of someone who has given permission for it to be used to set off fireworks. A special location designated by local authorities for fireworks discharge. Setting off fireworks on someone…

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Northampton calls off fireworks – again

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Poor weather has forced the Northampton Family Fourth Committee to call off Sunday night's firework display. The celebration had been planned for Saturday, but rain forced organizers to go with the pre-planned Sunday rain date. However, the weather is still not cooperating, organizers said. "Once it was clear today that June 28th wasn't going to happen, we looked at calendars: Look Park, committee members, Pyrotecnico, etc.," the committee said on its Facebook page. "The next available date that worked for most everyone is in the fall. Seems crazy, but really it is only 10 Saturdays away. Once we confirm with…

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Bainbridge bans fireworks this Fourth

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BAINBRIDGE ISLAND — The Bainbridge Island Fire Department is banning personal fireworks this Fourth of July because of dry conditions and fire danger, although the island’s fireworks display in Eagle Harbor won’t be affected. It is the first time the city has banned fireworks since updating its fire code in 2009, said Fire Chief Hank Teran, allowing Bainbridge Island fire officials to issue an emergency ban on the public use of fireworks during times of “extreme fire danger.” Drier than normal weather like the current conditions haven’t been seen in the area for decades, Teran said. The fire and police…

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