The Brookings Veterans of Foreign Wars have labored for the last few months to raise funds for the annual fireworks show at the Port of Brookings Harbor — with unsatisfying results.

With $16,000 left to raise, post commander Rick Bremer is uncertain if the community will see a fireworks show this Independence Day.

“We’re hanging by a cliff here,” Bremer said. Currently, the VFW has raised the $9,000 needed as a downpayment to the fireworks company, Oregon-based Homeland Fireworks. The company extended the deadline by more than a month to give Bremer extra time to raise the money.

The VFW has sponsored the show, which takes place every July 4 at the Port of Brookings Harbor, for the past four years. The group solicits donations from citizens and corporations, but in the past few years has found it increasingly difficult to raise the money in time for the show.

While he has received some substantial donations — including $1,000 each from Lucky 7 Casino and the Port of Brookings Harbor, he said the response from Brookings-based businesses, especially larger corporations, has been disappointing.

Bremer did receive a glimmer of hope recently when he was contacted by Crissy Cooper-Perry, who works with the Port of Brookings Harbor to organize events. Cooper-Perry said she wanted to find ways to help Bremer raise the money.

“She’s going to try to do as much as she can,” Bremer said. “We’re so far behind — I can’t ask for another 15 days.”

Cooper-Perry said she plans to solicit help from local restaurants and bars by getting them to sell tickets for 50-50 raffles — where the proceeds get split between the winner and the group organizing the fundraiser. 

“We want to give people a reason to spend money — give them something they can win,” Cooper-Perry said.

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