I’m not quite a “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” but close enough: I was born just seven hours too late to be a Fourth of July baby, so the holiday has always been special to me.

When I was very young, before I knew the history and significance of Independence Day, I called it “Fireworks Day” for obvious reasons. I remember marveling at how those charcoal-colored tablets grew into ashen black snakes when lit, and I loved it when my parents let me hold one of the sparklers (closely supervised, of course).

In some ways, I was disappointed to learn that Cambria’s annual fireworks show has been shelved this year because of the drought. But any other decision would have sent the wrong message. It’s a sensible move that puts safety ahead of spectacle.

“We’re very disappointed, but we have to be mindful of the drought,” said Greg Sanders, 1st vice commander of American Legion Post 432, which stages the community’s July 4 celebration. “The fireworks are around the ocean, but one errant rocket and the town could burn to the ground’

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