Dear Pyro friends…

Finally, a little later than we had wished, we are able to announce that the magazine can now be read on Android tablets, 2560×1600 or 1280×800 res versions, via Google Play. Please use the link below to download your FREE copy now.

We are really sorry that this has taken so many weeks longer than expected. Unfortunately we have had a few technical issues with the supplier we use to publish the magazine and discovered a problem with their system when outputting to 1280×800 files from our 2560×1600 pages we had made up for the Android tablet. These issues have now been resolved and both Apple and Android versions will be available at the same time for Issue Two of the magazine

Please enjoy looking through the magazine and we welcome all of your feedback. If you have any ways you think we could improve or add to the experience please let us know. If you have any ideas or photographs of events or festivals that you think would be ideal for us to report on please email Tony on Thank you in advance.

Please now go and enjoy the magazine

Kind regards,

Jason & Tony
Pyrotechnic Magazine