Dear Pyrotechnic fans the wait is over…

The App with Apple is now approved and the first Pyrotechnic Magazine on the Apple App Store is now available for FREE download.

If you visit this URL >>> on your iPad it will take you to the page where you can install our magazine App.

When opening the App you will see there are two Issues. The first is your subscriptions link. Click this link and subscribe to the magazine, its FREE, and you will then receive all the future issues of the publication and any special feature issues we produce.

Then click on the ‘Pyrotechnic Magazine Issue1’ Download button and this will download your first issue of our publication.

Finally click at the bottom of the iPad screen – the ‘? Help’ tab which will take you to a short page that explains how to use the Magazine App.

We hope you enjoy this new reading experience, the first ever digital firework publication on the App Store. Tony and I have worked very hard to produce this magazine but if you have any comments or ideas for future articles that you would like to see in the publication or you would like to advertise you company then please don’t hesitate to contact Tony via this email >>>

One last thing. Please, if you enjoy the magazine would you please add your customer rating on the iTunes store for us, thanks.

Now please go and enjoy the first ever issue of Pyrotechnic Magazine via Apple’s App Store!