A July 4th celebration in Shenandoah without fireworks? Officials say it could happen if enough money isn’t raised.

Members of Shenandoah’s July 4th Fireworks Committee are asking residents to contribute to the annual program at Sportsman’s Park. Committee member Harry Pontious tells KMA News $8,000 is needed in order for the show to go on this year. Pontious says the committee postponed ordering the fireworks at its meeting earlier this week.

“We normally order the fireworks in March, and pay for them in June,” said Pontious. “But, we didn’t have enough people there (at the meeting) to order the fireworks, so we put it off until next month. But, we’re in dire need of money to put the fireworks on.”

Currently, the committee has only $2,000 in hand for the 2014 show.

“I’m afraid if we don’t get the $6,000 in a couple months, we may not have a fireworks show this year,” he said.

That’s why Pontious is asking the public for help. He says an appeal will be made to local businesses.

“I go to every business, usually, in town,” Pontious said, “and they’re really good to help. But, you know, we can’t rely on businesses to do it all the time, because those people have to earn a living, also. I think the individuals in Shenandoah, Iowa ought to be willing to help a little bit with this.”

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