KINGMAN – Bad feelings over a perceived slight from the company that put on last Independence Day’s abbreviated fireworks show ignited another kind of fireworks at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

Councilwoman Erin Cochran and Harley Pettit, who helped lead the Kingman Boomers in collecting more than $25,000 from residents and the business community to fund the show, were opposed to the Council accepting a bid from Lantis Fireworks and Lasers out of Draper, Utah.

Last year’s show ended prematurely after pyrotechnician Jeremy Lee sustained massive head injuries when a prepackaged box of fireworks improperly detonated. The accident occurred roughly two thirds of the way through the show. The city sought a prorated refund, money that would have been added to this year’s donation. Lantis paid the city a $6,500 refund, a sum Cochran found insulting.

“I have some serious issues using this company,” she said after Fire Chief Chuck Osterman told the Council that Lantis was the only firm to submit a bid. “They didn’t give us a proper refund last year.” Pettit leveled the most serious complaint. He accused the company of essentially “blackmailing” the Council.

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