A fireworks enthusiast is once again trying to reverse a ban of the pyrotechnics in the Seabrook Beach Village District that was put in place by selectmen in 2011.

Tom O’Hara filed a citizen petition warrant article asking voters to overrule selectmen and allow fireworks displays on private properties.

It was one of five citizen initiated petitions filed that will go before voters at the March 11 election.

This is the third attempt by O’Hara to reverse the fireworks ban. Both previous attempts failed at the voting booth.

Beach residents successfully persuaded selectmen in 2011 to rule that fireworks, while permissible on private property throughout Seabrook, should not allowed at the Beach District.

At the time, beach residents cited safety issues as the major concern as homes are built in close proximity to each other, while issues of noise disturbance were also raised.

Other petition articles filed include one by Philip S. Lycett III, who wants to raise the elderly property tax exemption for Seabrook residents. To qualify taxpayers must have a net income of not more than $36,050, or if married, not more than $48,410, with total assets not in excess of $190,550.

Joyce Addison filed a petition requesting the town should reserve at least 10 parking spaces for town residents in the Seabrook Harbor parking lot.

According to Addison, residents used to have that side of the beach available for parking, but now the state owns half of that area due to the Seabrook Station Nuclear Power Plant.

“We pay our taxes, we should be able to park there for free like we used to,” she said.
Addison gave examples of Massachusetts drivers parking there for the day, as well as fishermen parking horizontally with their boats “taking up eight or nine spots.”

“We’ve seen people park there and go to work in the surrounding buildings for the whole day,” she said.

Mark Potvin filed a petition requesting the town spend $7,500 to be used to remove two old dugouts at Ralph Marshall Field at Gov. Weare Park and replace them with new dugouts.

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